Great Books
Ministry of Money

  •    A Spirituality of Fundraising
                                   by Henry Nouwen
       The Ministry of Development
                                by Jerry Jarc

    Catholic School Planned Giving 
    by TAD Dickel

    • Powerful Theology.
    • Read Passages at:
    • Staff Meetings.
    • Finance Meetings.
    • Stewardship Meetings.
    • Development Meetings.
    • Foundation Meetings.
    • Learn the Language of Love in Finances.
    • Address "Fear of Fundraising."
    • Empower Leadership.
    • Help Leaders become Articulate in Discussions and Presentations.
    • Enhance Homilies on Finances.
    • Acquire Skills.
    • Create a WebPage. (We can help).
    • Request Web Content
    • Let us Create Content.
    • $89 per set.
    • $39 sold separately..

    • Bulk Orders for New Parishioners, Groups, Staff.
    • Read and Reflect Select Passages for Group Discussion.
    • For Staff Meetings.
    • For Committee Meetings.